Buy Sweet Treats for Your Dog with A Barkbox Coupon Code

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a package delivered to your dog every month? Yes, you read it right. A package can be delivered at your doorstep every month of the year just by subscribing to Barkbox.

barkbox logo is a website that aims to give the best experience to dogs because it’s true what they say on their site, “Dogs aren’t pets, they’re family.” And with that thinking, they have partnered with businesses that create organic treats and unique toys so that they can help develop smart dogs in the same way that parents aim to develop their children’s intellect at a young age.

Through strong relationships with these business, Barkbox was able to create products of their own. In their gift packages, you can see dog treats and dog toys manufactured by them. What makes Barkbox worth subscribing to is that their products will not be seen on shelves in pet stores. Their products are uniquely theirs and the heart they put in making these products are reflected in their packaging and dedication to send thousands of boxes every month.

If you’re new to this kind of subscription, Barkbox’s website will guide you with three easy steps. First is you will pay a monthly subscription worth at least $20. This price is actually worth it considering that the box is at least $40 in selling price. However, you can actually get a 50% off yearly subscription + free shipping with code DEC502017. This is already a great steal since it’s not all the time you get a promo code slashing 50% off the price you have to pay. Find your savings at

Along with the payment, you will be asked to describe your dog. Is it large? Medium-sized? Or a miniature dog? Regardless of size, packages are of the same price. When this is done, you will immediately get a package for your first month. After that, you can already expect boxes to be shipped at the latter part of the month.